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Dress Code

In keeping with the Twin Creeks stylish yet welcoming atmosphere, members and guests are required to maintain neat, clean and tidy attire at all times both on the golf course and in the clubhouse. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests are aware of the club’s dress regulations. Failure to meet these requirements may result in refused entry to the golf course and clubhouse. Visitors to Twin Creeks are subject to the club’s dress regulations. It is the responsibility of the person making a booking to correctly inform their fellow visitors of the required dress code. Visitors who are inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to play on course and may be refused entry to the clubhouse. The Board of Directors has instructed all staff to enforce the Club’s Dress Regulation policy. A decision regarding acceptable attire will be at the discretion of the CEO, the Operations Manager, the Director of Golf or any staff member empowered by the CEO. Management’s decision will be considered final. Management strongly advises that all members and guests review the following dress regulations and inform their guests and fellow visitors prior to visiting the club.

screenshot.2014-12-09 (1)Acceptable Attire: MEN

  • Shorts and Pants – must be of a tailored design (includes tailored cargo style shorts).
  • Shirts – collared shirts, mock turtle neck or skivvy. All shirts must be tucked in regardless of design or make.
  • Socks – short, long or ankle socks are acceptable.
  • Shoes – soft spike golf shoes or flat soled sport shoes. No metal spikes
  • Headwear – including caps, hats and visors, if worn, must be appropriate.


Acceptable Attire: WOMEN

  • Pants, Shorts and Skirts – must be of a tailored design. Shorts and skirts must not be less than mid-thigh in length.
  • Shirts – collared shirts, crew neck and tailor ladies fashion tops. All shirts should be tucked in unless of a tapered style designed to be worn over pants or shorts.
  • Socks – short, long or ankle socks are acceptable.
  • Shoes – golf shoes or flat soled sport shoes
  • Headwar – including caps, hats and visors, if worn, must be appropriate.

Unacceptable Attire

All types of denim, untailored shorts, pants (or skirts for ladies), collarless and sleeveless shirts (with the exception of tailored ladies fashion tops) or singlets, elastic or drawstring pants and tracksuits, coloured socks or socks with graphic designs and logos other than golf club logo and/or any article of clothing displaying inappropriate or offensive logos, graphics or messages.

Within the Clubhouse

Attire should be appropriate to the occasion. At no time will rubber thongs and sandals (other than ladies dress sandals), swimsuits, caps or hats, be allowed.

Mobile phone Etiquette

Twin Creeks maintains a policy that permits the use of mobile phones and PDAs both on the golf course and in the clubhouse. It is expected that members and guests utilising such devices do so in a manner that is respectful of other golfers and Twin Creeks patrons at all times.